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Locations of current fabrication

People are building these bike carts in the following locations, so if you're in the area you may be able to buy a cart or get help with fabrication.

Windhoek, Namibiacontact michael linke for current information900 NAD
San Francisco, CAcontact me, i'm residing in the bay area now$100-$150
Madison, WIClint Freund
Fort Collins, COBen Wertsch at Toad Works$50 to $92
Washington, DCworkshop in July 2006, some folks know how to build "flatsy"?
more cities soonAdd your name here? 

Your very optional donation will allow me to give paper copies of these plans to infoshops, cooperatives, and bookstores, and offer occasional free trailer-building workshops locally.

About buying the cart

I have been working on this design since the spring of 2004. I'm hoping people will be excited about making carts for themselves, but I know some people would rather buy them. If you need a cart and can't build it, email me, and I'll try to connect you with people making carts or build you one. They should cost about $150. Parts are $30, overhead might be around $10, and fabrication takes 8 to 10 hours once it is familiar.

One of the more time consuming parts of cart fabrication is finding wheels and tires and making the plywood bed. One way to spread these bike carts might be to sell just the cart body, and let the user find and mount wheels and plywood.

If you want to make a bike cart but can't make a hitch, I will send you one for the cost of parts, postage, and my time for making it (cost is $20 in 2005). I want to increase the accessibility of this project. For more information, contact me. These hitches are compatible with Bikes At Work trailers.

I have made a few carts that are in use around where I live. I am thinking about making a few more and selling them for parts plus my time, probably for $150, in order to spread the design and increase visibility for the project. If you want make these carts to sell, go ahead, but please include a printed copy of the fabrication plans. The goal is to increase car independence and empower people through fabrication in their communities. Let me know if you sell these carts, and what you think about this project.

email aaron
this is an open source design.
make a bike cart. use it. then make another one to give to a friend.

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