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BEN Namibia bicycle ambulance

Paulina and Josh--ambulance
The bicycle ambulance is used in rural areas of Namibia for medical transportation. The cyclists are often HIV/AIDS home based care volunteers who can now use the bicycle ambulance to help their patients access healthcare.
Bicycling Empowermnet Trailer--Namibia

Bicycling Empowermnet Trailer--Namibia
I designed this trailer for manufacture and use in Namibia, as an income-generation technology for the fabricators and owners. This trailer can also be used for medical transport. Contact me for plans
flatsy bike cart for raffle"Flatsy" without wheel guards--easier to build, lighter, smaller, prettier...uses 20" wheels.
DS aloneDS trailer with pulling arm and pushing handle
BETBicycling Empowerment Trailer (BET), known as the "Bike Bakki" in southern Africa, with kids at a kindergarden in Katatura in Windhoek, Namibia.
kegs on a cartKegs on flatsy
palletesPalletes rest on the wheel guards
empty seat

ben in seat
A better location for the seat would be back to just in front of the wheels, to balance the weight better. This configuration will put excessive stress on the pulling arm and bike frame.
speakerThe start of a portable sound system
trailer on fixed gear bicycleThis is the first conduit cart. The pulling arm is 2 pieces of 3/4" EMT conduit, and the rest of the cart is made from 1/2" EMT. Gears are useful.
trailer with wheel-guardsThe two wheel guards keep things from falling into the wheels. The small handle in the back wasn't tall enough to comfortably push, so I added another. It increases the functionality but compromises the aesthetic.
axle hitchThe hitch is made from 1"X 3/16" flat stock, and has a slot for the axle. The 1/4" rod braces against the chainstay to prevent the hitch from rotating.
clamp hitchClamp hitch, similar to the one used by Bikes At Work.
farm cartThe first Mig welded, 3/4" mild steel cart was converted into a farm cart and went to Food Bank Farm.
Two recyling bins fit nicely in a cart. There's someone in one of the bins, somewhere.
donna hauling hayDonna pulling two bales of hay. "Deep and Long", aka quadrouple hearse, aka love-mobile, has a 6 foot long bed and potentially a 400 lb capacity.
moving by bike

more moving by bike

At the end of the summer that I spent designing bike carts in Northampton, MA, I packed up and moved by bike and bike cart. The signs say, "yes, i'm moving by bike" and "one less car". This is the first trailer that I built. It's made from 3/4" mild steel tubing and bent with a hossfeld bender, which is why the bends have a 2" radius instead of a 4 1/2" radius.

bolt together cartSome friends and I made a bolted cart, which was difficult, took a long time, and was ultimately not as strong as a brazed cart. Plans for it are in the DS fabrication manual at the end.
chopperrebecca on ben's chopper. The fork didn't last very long, and every time it breaks it gets a little stronger.
eccentric wheel bikeEccentric wheel. Pretty tricky to ride, but once you get it you can propel yourself with your arms.
aaron glassesThere's just something about portable band saws...
bike fist

put the fun between your legs

one less car

romantic tandem
microcosm patch images
tallbikeLillian clings to a pole to mount. She makes up the grace in her elegance on babybike.
pedal power air compressorA pedal driven air compressor that I built for the Food Bank Farm.
joe biel trailerJoe Biel's trailer at Microcosm Publishing.
carry freedom's bamboo trailerCarry Freedom's bamboo trailer with plans.

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make a bike cart. use it. then make another one to give to a friend.

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